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At the Nexus initially come all. There you will meet the immortal guards and are the same as you, a leader willing to take part in adventures. Have the opportunity to get to know them better. Although the fate you would spread to different parts of the world, you may still encounter. Small world.

In Nexus there is not one decent tavern. Indecent, though, too. In general, the more boring places are not found throughout Atlantis.

Rumor has it that as they grow older the World, Nexus begins to create ambiguities of the case and shows a hidden active leaders. It's like coming to visit and spend the night on a mat at the door "kind" owner. Forward! In fact in the world are waiting for you great things!

So, you have to choose one of six ways to open in the Nexus, and start playing.

The report looks Nexus Nexus something like this:

nexus (0,0,nexus) in Unnamed.
The weather was clear last month; it will be clear next month.
Atlantis Nexus is a magical place; the entryway to the world of
Atlantis. Enjoy your stay, the city guards should keep you safe as
long as you should choose to stay. However, rumor has it that once
you have left the Nexus, you can never return.

Wages: $0.
Wanted: none.
For Sale: none.
Products: none.

North : plain in Unknown, contains town.
Northeast : forest in Unknown.
Southeast : mountain in Unknown.
South : desert in Unknown.
Southwest : swamp in Unknown.
Northwest : island in Unknown.

- City Guard (1), on guard, 250 leaders [LEAD], 250 swords [SWOR].
- Unit (757), Pioneers of Sword (3), leader [LEAD].
- Unit (758), GreyInquisitor (4), leader [LEAD].
- Unit (759), PhillipChe (5), leader [LEAD].
* Unit (760), Teneera Family (6), revealing faction, leader [LEAD].
Weight: 10. Capacity: 0/0/15/0. Skills: none.

To leave the Nexus in the usual order of MOVE, a direction (North, Northeast, South, Southwest, Northwest) will determine the type of area where you start playing.

Latest News

  • Christmas holidays


    Christmas holidays are approaching and we temporarily move one turn a week.
    New schedule: from December 19, 2011 on January 15, 2012 - a turn on Sunday.
    After that we go back to two turns in a week.

    this time, prepare well for the Christmas and New Year, take a rest and
    gain strength. Do not forget about your friends and loved ones.

    And during that time we will try to update the server and make it a little better.

    Good luck in the New Year!
  • The second birth of the project

    The second birth of the project.
    Today the newly opened site of passage game Atlantis.
    We hope that the old and loving the game is worth that would give her a second chance. In the nearest future we are going to run the game, follow the news.
  • Starting the first game

    Friends, we are announcing the start of recording in the first game. Running the game in February, Follow the news.

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