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What is it?

Another modification of Atlantis, with the creation of which the cornerstone was put simplicity of the system (not complication of the rules), and game balance. Happened or not — to judge you.


The main idea used to create — an attempt to achieve game balance improved the original engine Atlantis 4.0.10 +.

As a result, we have:

  • A new table of Faction Points (FP).
  • Review all gaming tables (weapons, armor, ships, castles, monsters, spells, artifacts, etc.). In this case, the rules remain the same, only the numbers have changed.
  • Fix nasty bugs.

Were also made and some qualitative changes, but they are few:

  • Cancel starting towns in principle. The player chooses a type of starting region, the exact coordinates are chosen randomly (For example, you go out into the woods. You get into the forest, but in some forest of the hundreds of available no one knows in advance).
  • Magic Tension Effect. The essence of the features are as follows: if to catch up with a bunch of magicians in one region and tell them all to engage in a terrible magic, there is nothing they will not work, because will spell failures. The mechanism used is very tricky, but the player is not visible.
  • Antispoil. The thing is: engaging in battle, the army uses the stuff as weaponry. Such things are considered ammunition. The part of things isn’t intended for fighting use, or for them there were no people. Such things remain in a transport. In the end of fight of loss of ammunition and a transport are considered differently: the transport gets to winners with insignificant losses (20% of losses, 80% of a transport pass in spoil). The ammunition is lost at both parties depending on losses. The escaped ammunition of a defeated party gets to winners completely.
  • Martial FP. FP can be distributed in two areas, but not three, as in the original Atlantis: Martial and Magic. If the Magic, which obviously gives more mages, then Martial provides tax and trade areas. «Martial 1» — fraction can tax in 10 regions, or trading in 10 regions, but not all at once. Martial specifies the number of commercial and tax regions in total, and how they decide to distribute the player already.
  • Tactic posed in the first row (behind 0) receives a bonus +1 to the tactic.

Other changes:

  • radical reduced the rate of fire of all types of small arms
  • revised table booking
  • increased tonnage, value, and command ships
  • increased cost and size of the fortresses
  • content of the leaders raised up to 50 coins in turn
  • all races can teach specialized skills to level 4 (Orc teach combat to 5) limits the study of non-specialized skills have not changed
  • revised cost study skills
  • increased cost of creating artifacts
  • remove balrog and merfolk farm
  • reviewed the tree of magic (strong skills are pushed away)
  • magic items are bought in city markets
  • reduced the number of wounded to a healer to 2 on the level
  • taxed collect $35 instead of $50
  • increased the number of city guards to 70-140-210
  • a restriction on the number of students mages in the same building
  • improved detail in the battles of «thus killing».
  • added the marble and two buildings out of it
  • added corvette
  • added warhorse fighting
  • reviewed the parameters of melee weapons
  • reviewed the names and settings of remote weapon
  • added spell Terror, Fear weakened
  • reduced capacity winghorse
  • added a branch Negation, uniting Banishev, dispelling and shields
  • fixed: STEA + guard
  • fixed a bug with inflated city population (native Atlantis bug)
  • balance: the amount of HP of the monsters is strongly reduced
  • decor: dungeon repeat the outlines of continents
  • transit report (economy, exits, all buildings, vehicles and guards)
  • revised (increased) price of the items
  • silver is involved in the production of weapons/armor
  • feature, balance: bBattle Disenchant
  • units with peaks receive a full bonus of protection from the riding-attacks
  • feature: antispoil (66% items, 50% horse, 80% train)
  • feature: tactics in the first row gets a bonus
  • feature, bug: the prohibition of monsters to cure after the battle
  • feature: from the monsters did not get a silver
  • Balance: to hire is available on the markets a little less people
  • decor: balrog replaced by fiend
  • decor: controlled dragons replaced thunder bird
  • increase the pace of recruitment lowest scum and undead
  • Martial FP (only 3 FP)
  • EARM & ESWO demand money
  • feature, decor: advanced trading items (luxury)
  • work_fraction reduced to 3 (easier say total wages increased by 5/3)
  • reduced prices for withdraw (it was 250% of the price, was 150%)
  • increased the price of CGAT, ENGR
  • added 2 more role-playings building (Building and Mansion)
  • disabled EASIER_UNDERWORLD (but left krosslevel many spells)
  • formula income Earth Lore now = Wages * (level + 5) * 3;

Latest News

  • Christmas holidays


    Christmas holidays are approaching and we temporarily move one turn a week.
    New schedule: from December 19, 2011 on January 15, 2012 - a turn on Sunday.
    After that we go back to two turns in a week.

    this time, prepare well for the Christmas and New Year, take a rest and
    gain strength. Do not forget about your friends and loved ones.

    And during that time we will try to update the server and make it a little better.

    Good luck in the New Year!
  • The second birth of the project

    The second birth of the project.
    Today the newly opened site of passage game Atlantis.
    We hope that the old and loving the game is worth that would give her a second chance. In the nearest future we are going to run the game, follow the news.
  • Starting the first game

    Friends, we are announcing the start of recording in the first game. Running the game in February, Follow the news.

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