MagicDeep Atlantis


13th February 2011 opened the world LandLords.

The game is designed for two moves in a week, with the following schedule:

Wednesday - 18:00 UTC
Sunday - 18:00 UTC

If you want to take part in the game, you must send a request to participate. You must send a letter to the mailbox, with a special command #Create. For example:

#Create "Factions Name" "password"

If you have not joined the game, a letter with this command will create a fraction with a certain name and password. Please make sure you send messages in plain text rather than in HTML. If the letter is drafted properly, you should get a positive response from the server. Please refrain from registering multiple fractions, it is not permissible regulations.

Server handles multiple commands by e-mail, you can learn more if an inquiry #Help.

Latest News

  • Christmas holidays


    Christmas holidays are approaching and we temporarily move one turn a week.
    New schedule: from December 19, 2011 on January 15, 2012 - a turn on Sunday.
    After that we go back to two turns in a week.

    this time, prepare well for the Christmas and New Year, take a rest and
    gain strength. Do not forget about your friends and loved ones.

    And during that time we will try to update the server and make it a little better.

    Good luck in the New Year!
  • The second birth of the project

    The second birth of the project.
    Today the newly opened site of passage game Atlantis.
    We hope that the old and loving the game is worth that would give her a second chance. In the nearest future we are going to run the game, follow the news.
  • Starting the first game

    Friends, we are announcing the start of recording in the first game. Running the game in February, Follow the news.

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